Our Approach

With over a decade of design and brand building success, KMA has grown into a leading force for strategic marketing and advertising across the gulf-south. Our talented team is known for getting to the point quickly and solving creative problems with fresh ideas. KMA delivers client results through an approach we call Strategic Momentum.


Identity is imperative. We have a knack for uncovering a business's strengths and opportunities while revealing the necessary external perspectives. We help you see what your customers see, then align the two for success!

Whether the project calls for experienced assessment, stakeholder interviews or more in-depth marketing research, we help clients agree on a clear positioning for their business. Our one-page Communications Brief is remarkably effective at getting everyone on the same page.


Brand Strategy is where the “plan to influence perceptions” is created. A brand platform is developed. We outline road maps for your success, and identify costly obstacles. Key deliverables include Brand Personality & Creative Development. At this stage, concepts are generated whether it's a logo project or a complete campaign. The approved direction is then extended to websites, signage, advertising and more. etc.

To assist clients facing the challenge of coordinating multiple business units we create a Brand Architecture and Brand Standards the organization can follow.


Now it’s time to build websites, social media campaigns, marketing materials and more once key strategies are determined. We create detailed budgets (and adhere to them!) delivering on time as promised.

Your current advertising and marketing materials may look like a dysfunctional family but our specialty as brand managers is to generate consistency, so you don’t confuse your customer and you get the most out of your investment.