FSU Panama City

In August 2011, KMA was selected to help FSUPC achieve the university’s goal of increasing student enrollment to 1,400 by fall 2012. We determined that a cohesive identity was needed to inspire a sense of pride for this unique regional location. Our Brand Boot Camp process identified the advantages of FSU's world-class reputation and resources without having to move to Tallahassee.


KMA created a core visual around Chief Osceola's spear planted firmly into our beautiful beaches signifying that the FSU spirit is very much a part of Panama City's bayside campus. A new tagline, "The FSU That Fits You," was rolled out across billboards and :30-second TV spots.

FSUPC exceeded its enrollment goal with 1,417 for fall 2012; up from 1,272 in 2011. Enrollment has grown to over 1600 as of fall 2013.


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Find What Matters :30 TV

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Find What Matters online banner ads, Pandora Radio, Spring 2014

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Regional Recruitment Campaign Billboard


Public Safety & Security :30 TV