Selling Online. Not So Easy, Right?

Selling services and products online can be complicated. You’ll want a team who knows what they are doing.

There are two main types of e-Commerce platforms, Hosted and Self-Hosted. The important part to understand about this is that hosted platforms like Shopify and SquareSpace own the content you upload to them. On the upside, they are somewhat customizable, so you’ll be able to build most of the website yourself if you stick to one of the provided templates. Or if you have no idea what you’re doing, just give us a call.


Self-Hosted solutions like WooCommerce (the most trusted WordPress e-Commerce solution) or Magento give us full control over the look and feel of your online store. Additionally, if you decide to transfer the site to a different host, you can do that since you own the content you put into it and all the programming that makes it work. Self-hosted solutions are also used by some of the most popular online stores on the internet.