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Sep 20 2023

Make Waves for Your Business with Digital Beach: KMA’s New Podcast Series

Are you ready to make waves for your business with the power of digital marketing? Then you’re in luck! KMA has just launched...

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Aug 10 2023

The Average Age of an American in 2023 is 39

If you are 39 or above, you represent the “older” half of the US population. If you are age 38 or below, you...

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Jun 16 2023

2023 Hurricane Intensity Expected to Increase by NOAA

The effects of climate change could mean that storms yield more precipitation and stronger winds than ever before, according to NOAA. Hurricane Ian made...

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Apr 12 2023

Stand Out on Google with a Free Business Profile

What is your Google Business Profile? You’ve probably conducted a Google search and seen the “map” listings near the top. These listings offer...

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Mar 08 2023

Meet Our New Digital Media Strategist

We Welcome Lauren Beauchamp to KMA Lauren serves as our Digital Media Strategist where she helps clients get the most from their Google...

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Mar 01 2023

Latest Launch: St. George Island Property Owners Association Website

We think Emma’s design captures the essence of this laid-back island community. And Bryan’s programming features an owner login, access codes for guests,...

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Feb 25 2023

New Video―It’s Electric!

Toyota Reveals 3 New EVs We love creating videos for the number one selling car brand in the world. Seeing the new Prius,...

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Jan 25 2023

Track Jack: Sailing the Gulf

Our fearless leader has struck out on a short sabbatical sailing across the Gulf of Mexico. On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, he and...

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Jan 18 2023

Meet Our New Sr. Project Manager

Amanda Miller served as KMA’s Office Manager from 2015 to 2017. She was so great at her job that, when she headed north...

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Sep 16 2022

Negative Reviews: Why You Should Respond

Today, the first impression most consumers see for your business is online. And, even when a review isn’t flattering, there’s a big reason...

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Aug 11 2022

Bioidentical Hormones Explained: Dr. Myra Reed

Hormones are chemical messengers in our body that communicate between our brain and organs, such as from our brain to our sexual organs,...

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Jul 07 2022

Above-Normal 2022 Hurricane Season Released by NOAA: Free download to prepare your business

This post was created in 2022, and a more recent article regarding this topic has been published. Read the new article.

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