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When we complete your site you own it, and you receive instructions for easy updates. With WIX, GoDaddy, and others you don’t own your site and can’t make many changes. Our launch training will teach to update text, photos, and more.  

Content Management Solutions

A Content Management System (CMS) is a user-friendly application used to make updates to your website such as text changes, photo updates and even the addition of new pages. Which CMS to choose often depends on the needs of your business and desires of your website. At KMA, we’ve built nearly 100 sites using the WordPress system. Clients love it because it’s easy and trusted, in fact 36% of the web is built on WordPress.

At KMA, we’ve had client website relationships for almost 20 years because we listen to your needs and then apply the technology system that fits your budget.

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In addition to WordPress, some of the other popular CMS platforms we use include Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, October, and Gravity. Our recommendation of a Content Management System platform will be dependent upon the project requirements and hosting environment.

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Client Training INCLUDED!

Upon launch of a website, we include a one-hour, online training session where we teach you how to make updates by walking you through the process on your own computer. In addition, we provide you with a user guide and video tutorials customized to your specific website showing you clear, step-by-step instructions on how to make site updates. Most CMS include an interface that works much like Microsoft Word so most business people can make simple updates. But when business needs and staffing demands require you to use outside help, Kerigan Marketing Associates has its own internal team of developers on site that can assist with a simple phone call.

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“Helen is just ecstatic with everything she has learned from Bryan on how to update the website and I can hardly believe we are up 92% in visits! Thanks again, Jack. “

Becky Kelly, Florida State University Panama City

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