Website Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) makes your website simple to maintain and update yourself. A good CMS-based website should allow you to upload your own photos, make text edits throughout your site and even use different devices, such as smart phones, to make site updates from anywhere.


Which CMS to choose can vary widely based on the business requirements of your website. Each CMS has different installation requirements, technology architecture, functionality and purpose, as well as ease of use (especially for non-technical users). At Kerigan Marketing Associates, we believe in finding the right technology solution for the client. To find the best technology for the client, we strive to be CMS platform agnostic, allowing us to work with various types of CMS platforms.


The more popular CMS platforms are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. These CMS platforms are tried and tested as they have all been around for about 15 years and make up approximately 70% of the CMS market share. Newer CMS platforms are available that have recently released incorporating modern development methodologies allowing for more streamlined deployment and management.

In order for our clients have complete access to as much content as possible, every website we build uses a CMS. As with software and tools, each CMS has their strengths and weaknesses. Our recommendation of a CMS platform will be dependent upon the project requirements and hosting environment.


Upon launch of a website, we include a one-hour, online training session where we teach you how to make updates by walking you through the process on your own computer. In addition, we provide you with a user guide and video tutorials customized to your specific website showing you clear, step-by-step instructions on how to make site updates. Most CMS include an interface that works much like Microsoft Word so most business people can make simple updates. But when business needs and staffing demands require you to use outside help, Kerigan Marketing Associates has its own internal team of developers on site that can assist with a simple phone call.


Helen is just ecstatic with everything she has learned from Bryan on how to update the website and I can hardly believe we are up 92% in visits! Thanks again, Jack.

Becky Kelly, Florida State University Panama City