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Client Comments & Reviews

Results are everything to us. And, we believe no one works harder to build business through branding experience, smart design and great service. That’s our side of the story—but read what our clients have to say after they hired us.

This may sound counterintuitive, especially when talking about a marketing agency, but I believe the quality of a service or product is far more important than marketing. In these rare cases, the quality simply stands for itself. This is the case with Kerigan.

As a marketing agency, the quality of the products put out and attention given to clients by Kerigan Marketing speaks volume and truly sets it apart. I have worked with Kerigan on a variety of websites and marketing initiatives at several different companies, and my expectations were exceeded every single time. If you’re looking for a marketing agency that delivers deliberate, professional, and strategically-driven marketing and communications – you can’t go wrong with them.

Kyle Dunaway

March, 2024

Our company teamed with Kerigan Marketing Associates to develop a new brand logo and website to further build our portfolio. The entire team at Kerigan designed both from conceptual design to finished product and we could not be more pleased with the final results! The Dryden Construction team has found a new partner for all our marketing needs and highly recommends other companies to experience the same.

Robert Dryden

January, 2024

If I could leave 10 stars I would. Bryan Baird and the entire Kerrigan team are top notch. Beautiful design, perfected coding and SEO applications…Great service and top skills!

Angie Caughlin

December, 2023

We selected Kerigan to update our company website and could not be happier with our decision. The staff was very knowledgeable and professional, helping us through every step along the way. The finished product was exactly what we were hoping for.

Doug Crook
Panhandle Engineering
November, 2023

We are so thrilled to win this award! This board and all our stakeholders are amazed at what KMA has accomplished in such a short time. We appreciate you all so very much. Yes, please share the good news everywhere!

Lesley Hatfield
Holmes County Florida TDC
September, 2023

We’re all so impressed with your work, very excited and grateful for your expertise to help our turtles and our organization!

Jessica Swindall
Florida Coastal Conservancy
July, 2023

Thank you, Bryan. You and the entire KMA team have been amazingly helpful (and patient)! Your insight, consideration, and professionalism are a testament to your organization. Thank you all for a great looking and well-functioning website. The mobile view is awesome!

Brenda Ash
St. George Island Property Owners Association
March, 2023

These folks know their business. Kerigan is our one-stop shop for website development (including updates) and advertising. I call in (or drop an email) and it is done!

Al Wilson
Florida Building Code Compliance Authority
February, 2023

I just saw our 15 second spot on Fox News Channel. So very cool!! Thank you so much for helping us to help others.

Ned Ailes
Life Management Center of Northwest Florida
July, 2022

Looks great, thank you! It’s actually amazing 🤩

Kelli Sims
Sims Resort Realty
May, 2022

So happy with this – thank you all very much for your hard work and attention to detail on everything! This site exceeds all expectations I had going into this. You all are great at what you do. Thanks again!

Chris Petrie
Broker Associate, Coastal Realty
April, 2022

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful website.  Throughout this process, everyone has been the consummate professional.  You knew the right questions to ask, probed for details, and really listened to our concerns about our previous site.  You made the process very easy and have remained patient with our various requests.  We are very proud of our new website and have received many compliments thus far, and I am beyond thrilled with the end result.

Tracie McCrae
Clay County Clerk of Court
February, 2022

Great work team! All of us at Baytowne are extremely excited and pleased with the site. Thank you for all of the time and effort you’ve made into it.

Matt Peevy
Baytowne Vacation Rentals
January, 2020

The Annual Report is beautiful. Everything is so on point with what we discussed, and I love what you’ve done with the department pages.

Olivia Smith
Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners
November, 2019

Excellent job on the website!

Rebecca Chase
First American Assurance
November, 2019

Just wanted to give the Kerigan Marketing Team a HUGE thanks and kudos for the work done on our website. Earlier this week, I attended the Florida Tourism Forum hosted by VISIT FLORIDA in Panama City Beach. One of our breakout sessions was on maximizing your ROI through various marketing activities and the speaker encouraged us to check out how Google and other search engines scored our websites and the content for ranking.  Naturally, we all had to check our scores out at that instant, and I was shocked to see our score. Out of all of the organizations at our table, many with much higher budgets and experience in tourism marketing than myself, the Jackson County TDC website scored the highest!  On Monday, scored us with two A’s, our lowest score being in optimized images.  I just checked our score again this morning and we have dropped to an A and a B, which is still better than the other sites at the table (they were getting C’s, D’s, and even some F’s!).

I cannot thank ya’ll enough for helping us get our website back on track and look forward to hopefully implementing some great digital marketing campaigns to really help us shine with our great content. Kerigan Marketing has truly been such a fantastic help in our transition to life and tourism marketing after the storm.  Thank ya’ll again!

Christy Andreasen
Jackson County Tourist Development Council
November, 2019

Thanks for update. The year over year traffic increase is impressive. Number of calls you reported were within one of what our admissions head reported to us. We are pleased to potentially have 3 new students in past few weeks and hope to continue momentum.

Brent Faison
Holy Nativity Episcopal School
October, 2019

I just received notice that Gulf Coast State College received Best in Show for our graduation video in the 2019 Association of Florida Colleges Communications & Marketing Commission Awards of Excellence competition.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support in making this happen for our college and community!

Katie McCurdy
Gulf Coast State College
September, 2019

Everyone loves the Admissions page. I like your ideas and can’t wait to see those changes. Let’s make the page live!

Stephen Schmidt
Enterprise State Community College
September, 2019

The new lobby window graphics look great!!  Everyone around here loves them!

Kristina Williams
The Eye Center of North Florida
August, 2019

Thank you all so much for the beautiful website. I’m very impressed by the way you guys handle your business.

Carrie Johnson
Pedal Pub
August, 2019

Thanks for update. The year over year traffic increase is impressive. Number of calls you reported were within one of what our admissions head reported to us. We are pleased to potentially have 3 new students in past few weeks and hope to continue momentum.

Brent Faison
Holy Nativity Episcopal School
August, 2019

Great job on the video.

Dr. Kevin McCarthy
The Spine Center of Baton Rouge
July, 2019

The website looks really, really good!

Bill Kinsaul
Bay County Clerk of Court
July, 2019

Thank you all for the wonderful commercial. I have shared the news about the new commercial winning its first award.  It is great to have a vision and a creative team being able for it to come in full fruition. Also, the news is being added to the marketing report that goes to the chancellor of the Alabama Community Colleges. Thank you for helping ESCC to be recognized in our community for the solid, accredited, and local community college it is today.

Tricia Pierce
Life Management of Northwest Florida
July, 2019

I’m looking through the site now (LOOKS ABSOLUTELY GREAT! EEK!!!) Thanks so, so much. We’re excited!

Teresa Tysinger
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
July, 2019

Thank you! These have already been a hit. I printed some out from the proofs and put them on display while FEMA was here yesterday reviewing the program. I noticed that another of our partners, Big Bend Community Based Care, took a pic of these and shared them with other pics on Facebook while they were here.

Tricia Pearce
Life Management of Northwest Florida
June, 2019

Thank you so much for sending this.  It makes me cry every time I watch it. It also makes me very proud of our college. Thank you to you and your team for helping us to tell our story in such an impactful way!

Loretta Costin
Gulf Coast State College
May, 2019

I would highly recommend Kerigan Marketing to anyone who needs assistance with any aspect of marketing. We have been working with Kerigan for a year now, and they have done a fantastic job with our website, our logo and branding, an on-line marketing campaign and much more. They provide professional, high quality services with a personal touch.

Carla Lovett
Palm Bay Education
December, 2018

I meant to pass along to you that I learned our sales for Pineapple Willy’s, so far for the year, are up 7% from last year and Wicked Wheel is up 17%!

Also, I hope your servers are prepared for some massive traffic with Hurricane Michael. I’ve had The Weather Channel and CNN both contact me this morning wanting to use our beach cam for their reports.

Jared Knetzer
Pineapple Willy’s
October, 2018

This looks amazing! You all have been awesome and I think that this layout is exactly what we’re looking for.

Chelsea Snowden
Calhoun County Board of County Commissioners
September, 2018

Kathy got everything and is working on the website. So everything is good.  Thank you all for all your assistance.  I hope you list our site as one of your projects when we’re done

Michael Murphy
Leon County Clerk of Court
July, 2018

Thank you for your help. You guys have been great. I have recommended you already to two fellow business owners.

Michael Brooks
June, 2018

For the first quarter this year, Pineapple Willy’s was up 17% and Wicked Wheel was up almost 25%! We are on track to, and looking forward to another record-breaking year!

Jared Knetzer
Pineapple Willy’s
May, 2018

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the staff at Kerigan Marketing Associates. It was such a pleasure working with them during the redesign of our website. I was so impressed by their responsiveness throughout the entirety of the project. We have received nothing but compliments on the finished product. Looking forward to continuing to do business with these guys.

Silvia Williams
Serenity Beach Rentals
June, 2017

The whole team at Kerigan Marketing goes above and beyond to meet any and all expectations. Their attention to detail and quality of work is top notch!

Morgan Guilford
Anchored South
April, 2017

Thanks, Jack, for your support and the awesome ads! You’re the best. I will sleep better tonight knowing that we will have the funding to continue what we do best…educate! We live in an awesome community where people care about the children.

Linda Wood
Gulf Coast School Board
March, 2017

We had a problem designing just the right website for our company and the staff at Kerigan Marketing knocked it out of the park on the first draft. I’m extremely confident in their ability and professional design and would highly recommend them.

Martin Sheffield
Florida Health Connector
March, 2017

The website it outstanding! Far and above our existing one! You all work wonders with the content, the photos are crisp and clear, it’s easy to navigate and full of information! I am absolutely thrilled with it.

Pam Fuqua
Jackson County
March, 2017

Bryan worked with me on a problem late yesterday and he helped resolve my video question. I think it will work well. He is amazing! Thanks for all of your help!

Cathey Hobbs
Parker Realty
February, 2017

Wow! Many congratulations to you and the Kerigan team on these Addys! You have such a talented team. And to think that two of the Frazee entries won Silver Addys — that’s pretty exciting!

Marianne Frazee
Frazee Recruiting Consultants
February, 2017

Helen is just ecstatic with everything she has learned from Bryan on how to update the website and I can hardly believe we are up 92% in visits! Thanks again, Jack.

Becky Kelly
Florida State University, Panama City
February, 2017

I am having a great time with the social media via HootSuite. Bryan was such a big help to me in setting all this up. Kerigan team is #1!

Marianne Frazee
Frazee Recruiting Consultants
February, 2017

Bryan, our National Digital Manager said this was the most crisp, gorgeous Sign In Page Take over he’s seen to date Nationwide! That’s an amazing compliment on your creative! Thank you for your business!

Jason Newman
Comcast Spotlight
February, 2017

Thanks so much for your help. You guys have been great to work with!

Chris Thomes
Gulf Coast State College
January, 2017

The video looks very professional. It is a good representation of the life at our campus. Thank you.

Sandy Halvorson
Florida State University, Panama City
January, 2017

Thank you for your work on our website and its award! It comes as no surprise. That’s why I wanted you to do the project; I knew you only produce the best effort no matter the size of the account. Please congratulate and thank your staff for me. They are truly gifted in their crafts.

Phillip Zimmerman
Metro Golf Academy
October, 2016

Things seem to be moving very smoothly. I appreciate your work on all of this. I definitely think the advertising is working. I can’t tell you how many old high school friends, or parents kids I played little league with have called me recently and asked about a loan or banking issue now that they realize I’m at Landmark. Thanks.

Ben Cavin
Landmark Bank
August, 2014

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