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Website Design & ProgrammingFast as Lightning, Responsive, and Optimized for Search Engines

We believe your website is an extension of your business. A website that is optimized and properly maintained can become a helpful tool that generates leads, appointments, sales, students, reservations, and much more.

When we start a new website project, we’ll propose a content management system— it just always turns out to be WordPress because it’s easy for anyone to hit the ground running, and with a little training can keep everything up to date themselves. If a different CMS is desired, we will certainly accommodate it. Our experienced programming team builds required features with in-house resources and programming, rather than using lots of themes and plugins. This helps make sure the site is well-optimized for search engines, accessible for all people and completely customized to match your brand. It’s more secure this way too!

Our Website Development Process

Competitor & Industry Research

Once a start-up call is completed, we start research based on the requirements of the proposal, and a very basic wireframe (or blueprint) is created to establish and approve a hierarchy of elements and navigation items. Wireframes usually don’t contain any color, brand elements or fonts.

Website Design

With the approval of the wireframe, sometimes a style guide is created to establish a “look” before jumping right into the full website design. In most cases, we’ll start with a home page layout and then move into any required interior page designs that are required. Each layout is presented over a video call with our graphic designer(s) so any revisions can be communicated efficiently.

Responsive Programming

Programming begins once the fully designed Home page layout is approved. This process generally takes two to four weeks depending on the complexity of the website design and features. As soon as the content management system is in place, our content migrators start optimizing and importing content from your old website or well-organized resources provided by the client.

QA & Launch

Quality Assurance Testing is then completed. This step helps us catch missing content, ensure programming is fully responsive, and replace any placeholders before client review. We like to always provide a fully working site for review before making any big changes. Then with proper access to domain names, we make the site live and connect Google Analytics to measure key performance indicators.

Measure & Grow

After the website has launched, we follow up with a one-hour online training session where we teach you how to make updates by walking you through the process on your computer. Clients that opt for a maintenance package will receive a monthly analytics report from us via email and priority service.

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