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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of increasing website traffic by improving search engine result pages (SERPs), and we include it in every website we build. We follow best practices including mobile-first programming and page loading speed. Advanced SEO programming is also an option.

Primary SEO Services (included)

Mobile-First Approach

The days of non-mobile sites are behind us, so not only does a site need to be mobile-friendly, it should be optimized for mobile usage as well. Through a mobile-first programming approach, we eliminate resource-heavy assets that increase load times beyond Google’s recommended 2.6 seconds.

Loading Speed

By using images in next-generation formats like WebP and lazy loading anything that is not on screen, we’re able to obtain loading speeds faster than one second on many sites. Did you know it takes five seconds for the average smartphone to download 1MB of data over a cell network?

Search Appearance

We put a lot of care into how your site appears on search engines. Not only should keywords be included in titles so crawlers can access what your website is about, but meta descriptions should be optimized for humans as well. The click-thru rate on an organic listing is a valuable ranking factor.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is imperative for effective results. That’s why we use industry-standard tools for determining which keywords will provide maximum benefit. Then we develop those keywords to align with searcher intent and your sales funnel.


Google Analytics is a valuable reporting platform we include in every site we build. We’ve also developed a proprietary client dashboard (available as an option) of key performance indicators so you can understand your website’s most important health factors.

Advanced SEO Services (optional plans)

Site Auditing

We can look at a site’s optimization whether we’re the ones building it or not. Maybe it’s just some helpful instruction that you need, or maybe your site needs much more than that. Using industry-standard tools, we’re able to determine bottlenecks in performance, missed opportunities for high-value content, and broken links that are holding your site back from performing well.

Content Optimization

No amount of performance optimization, keyword insertion, or link building can make up for poorly written content. Search engine crawlers like to see structured data and well-formatted content. By introducing structured data (schema) and reworking your content using keywords and well-written headings, we can position your site to outrank your competitors.

Backlink Auditing

Good quality links to your site positively impact your domain authority in the eyes of search giants like Google (this does not include social media). Finding ways to generate good quality inbound links is the first step (blogging, email, social, PPC, etc). Then, sharing your content with others in a way that facilitates sharing your link on their own websites is key.

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