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Digital marketing is targeted, cost-effective and measurable! We do digital like it’s supposed to be done―in fact, Google has recognized KMA as a Certified Partner for over 5 years. And, we provide Pay-Per-Click Search, Display, Email Marketing and much more.


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Pay Per Click

Drive website traffic and generate new leads fast with Search or “Pay Per Click” campaigns where you only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website or call your number. We can help you reach the right customers, in the right place, when they’re ready to buy.

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Display Advertising

Display ads, or “banner” ads, are placed within apps and on the pages of prospects websites related to your prospects’s interests. Think of them as miniature billboards, or even TV spots, that live where shoppers spend their time in the digital age.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven effective tactic when you want to get your message to a group of any size. With nearly 20 years of email marketing experience we can source your list rental and we work with Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and other programs.

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Social Media

We establish a social strategy for your brand and develop engaging content to attract your ideal customers. We can improve the accounts you already have or build new ones for a broader social presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and more.

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Mobile Geofencing

This location-based advertising is the perfect way to target prospects within a designated geographic area. By sending precision messaging to smartphone users who enter a predefined location, we can reach your customers based on where they are, or where they’ve been, to drive real visits to your store or website. 



Transparency into integrated marketing insights helps us understand which strategies are working for your business and how customers are using your website. With this information, we can continually refine your search marketing strategy for optimal performance and results.


No one knows your business better than you — so we dig deep on the front end, listening to your needs, conducting research and developing a process to help energize your marketing and get results. We share results and strategies with you every month or as your needs require.

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