Daron Adkins

Intern, 2016

Gulf Coast State College

Daron Adkins

After his time at KMA, Daron moved to Charlotte, NC and began working as a web developer for Union where he built sites such as NASCAR Hall of FameBOplex, and even revamped the agency’s own website which won the Awwwards.com “Site of the Day” prize for May 19, 2019 and also the “Developer Award” for May 8, 2019. He is currently a Senior Web Developer at Wray Ward and is responsible for building engaging digital experiences for their clients and working closely with multidisciplinary teams, from concept to deployment. 

Where are they now?

Wray Ward, Charlotte, NC

Kerigan Marketing Associates

3706 Hwy 98 Ste. 102
Mexico Beach, Florida 32456

(850) 648-4560

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