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Nov 04 2019

Your Website is Under Attack & What You Need to Do

It’s not uncommon for hackers that represent websites of questionable moral character to try to benefit them by injecting code into websites like...

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Jan 23 2019

Is Your Website ADA Compliant and Does It Need to Be?

In 1994, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law, prohibiting discrimination in “any place of public accommodation.” People with physical handicaps filed...

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Aug 16 2018

Website Growth: Annual visitor increases by category and what that means for your business

Understanding how your website is performing can sometimes feel overwhelming. As managers, we’re responsible for staying on top of what can feel like...

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Jun 23 2017

Does your website load slowly?

Did you know that images account for more than 60% of the bytes on average needed to load a web page? More bytes...

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Mar 04 2015

New Whitepaper – The Importance of Domain Ownership

In our work, we often see problems arise down the road for businesses that want to make changes to their website. Here’s some...

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Feb 24 2015

Do You Really Own Your Website? What does it mean to be a Website Owner?

You may not own what you think you do if your domain name is not registered to you. In most cases—especially with small...

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Jun 02 2014

Panama City Website Design: What is Responsive Design and Why Does It Matter?

If you have a business website, you should care about Responsive Design. In fact, if your website is not responsive right now, I...

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May 02 2014

Kerigan Launches Website for Cartilage Regeneration Center

At Kerigan Marketing, websites are one of our favorite projects to do. We love the creativity, the functionality, and the results it creates...

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Apr 28 2014

Internet Explorer Bug: What You Need to Know

The world found out today that internet browser Internet Explorer versions 6-11 have a serious bug that can compromise your computer’s security. Before...

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Mar 11 2014

Looking For A Website Designer in Panama City? Ask These Questions

So you’re looking for a website designer in Panama City… …and need some direction as to what makes a good one? There are...

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