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Your Website is Under Attack & What You Need to Do

Published on November 4, 2019 by Bryan Baird

It’s not uncommon for hackers that represent websites of questionable moral character to try to benefit them by injecting code into websites like yours to display links to their website when your site is crawled by a search engine. Your human visitors can’t see the links, they are placed there for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to see.

You might wonder how this happens? Many websites use a content management system such as WordPress, or plugins such as online forms, maps, analytics, etc. It’s convenient, and cost-effective, for developers to use these pre-existing features but most release upgrades that need to be implemented or outdated versions can leave the door open to hackers.

At KMA, many of our clients benefit from our website maintenance plans where we regularly complete security reviews, update plugins and more. David Mans is our in-house, Backend Software Developer and Cyber Security Analyst with 25 years experience in information technology. To learn more about what we offer give us a call or check out our hosting and maintenance plans.

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