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So, The New FSU Logo…

Published on April 4, 2014 by Kevin Elliot

You may not know, but here in Northwest Florida, the Florida State Seminoles are kind of a big deal. So, when this new logo design for the University leaked out yesterday and hit the internet, there was immediate, and powerful, reaction, it seems mostly negative.

New FSU Logo

FSU’s new logo has been compared to everything from Andrew Dice Clay to Elvis and Bono’s love child. However, as marketers, we here at Kerigan have our own take. I spoke with our graphic designer, Sara, about it, and she agreed with another pro designer who has written on the subject. They like it.

From a design and usability standpoint, the new logo is much better. The graphics are cleaner (consider the feather), the face more emotive (if not as “Native American-y”), and the lines are sharper, all best practices of modern logo design. This logo will also translate across media much better than the old.

Yes, it is different. Yes, it could probably be better. But anytime there is change, especially of such a beloved icon as the FSU logo, there will be grumbling at first. It will be interesting to see what FSU does with the feedback. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a Yahoo! – like fiasco.

What say you?

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