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Oct 19 2023

Make it Easy for Customers to Find You with Apple Maps.

You probably want to rank above competitors when prospects search online, right? Apple Maps provides businesses with a powerful platform to increase visibility...

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Sep 20 2023

Make Waves for Your Business with Digital Beach: KMA’s New Podcast Series

Are you ready to make waves for your business with the power of digital marketing? Then you’re in luck! KMA has just launched...

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Aug 10 2023

The Average Age of an American in 2023 is 39

If you are 39 or above, you represent the “older” half of the US population. If you are age 38 or below, you...

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Apr 12 2023

Stand Out on Google with a Free Business Profile

What is your Google Business Profile? You’ve probably conducted a Google search and seen the “map” listings near the top. These listings offer...

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Sep 16 2022

Negative Reviews: Why You Should Respond

Today, the first impression most consumers see for your business is online. And, even when a review isn’t flattering, there’s a big reason...

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Sep 22 2021

Can I Trust You & Can I Trust Your Business?

“Can I trust you, and can I trust your business?” More and more consumers are asking themselves this question and looking to online...

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Aug 23 2021

Newest Google MyBusiness Feature, Call Tracking with Call History

It’s so important to make your business easy to find! Your Google MyBusiness listing is often the first way that customers find you...

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Jul 12 2021

2021 Marketing Trends

COVID drastically changed the customer journey, with a huge shift to online interactions. Every business had to make changes on the fly to...

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Nov 17 2020

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

How you load them can make all the difference.

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Oct 21 2020

Types of Facebook Ads in 2020 | How to Bring Advertising Success to Your Business

Why advertise on Facebook? Facebook advertising allows your business to connect with users where they already spend a considerable chunk of their time. The...

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Sep 03 2020

Best Way to Add Your Business to Google Maps

Getting on the “map” can make a difference to your company’s success.

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Feb 03 2020

Reach Only the Prospects You Want and Don’t Pay For Those You Don’t

Geofence marketing allows advertisers to precisely choose the exact location where their ads will show. When you use geofence, it uses different types...

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