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Happy Easter!

Published on April 12, 2017 by Jack Kerigan

It’s a very special time of year at KMA, and our office will be closed for business Friday, April 14, as we celebrate Good Friday.

Easter means more to us than just eggs and candy. It’s about the renewal of life. It is during this week that Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem heralded as Hosanna. But by Day Two there was turnover in the temple.

Last Sunday, I heard a story from our pastor about perspective when we feel our lives are being turned upside down.

At night on an empty beach, a woman watched as a huge Loggerhead turtle heaved herself up into the dunes to dig her nest and lay her eggs into it. Afraid of disturbing her, she left before the turtle was finished. What she found the next morning was seismic to say the least.

The woman returned to see if she could find the spot where her eggs lay hidden in the sand to mark the site as volunteers often do. But what she found were tracks leading in the wrong direction! Instead of heading back out to sea, the Loggerhead had wandered deeper into the dunes, already hot and dry in the morning sun.

There she found her: Exhausted, all but baked, her flippers caked with dried sand. The woman poured a little water onto her but she was far too heavy to budge. She ran to get a park ranger who returned with a Jeep. The ranger had the woman help flip the turtle onto her back. He then put a strap around the turtle and used the Jeep to begin dragging her, upside down. The woman watched horrified as the turtle’s mouth filled with sand and her head bent back as the Jeep made its way to the shore.

At the water’s edge, he unhooked her and turned her right side up. As the waves broke over her, she lifted her head slightly, moving her back legs. Other waves brought her further back to life until one of them made her light enough to find a foothold and push off, back into the sea.

Watching her swim slowly away and remembering her nightmare ride through the dunes, I reflected that it is sometimes hard to tell whether you are being killed or saved by the hands that turn your life upside down.”

A story by Barbara Brown Taylor in The Other Side Magazine, March & April 2000

We hope you and yours experience the hope of new beginnings and feel the love of family during this joyful Easter holiday.

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