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Jack Kerigan Celebrates 20 Years

Published on February 1, 2021 by KMA

This month we celebrate the man behind the brand. Jack founded KMA, in January 2001, and for two decades has led the marketing and sales growth for our company and hundreds of clients. Prior to that, he served in the marketing departments of RJR Tobacco and Community Coffee.

Jack has always had a fascination with consumer behavior and has developed a unique understanding of why people buy. “Big brand experience showed me that consumers make decisions with their heart—but rationalize them with their head.” He considers his unique talent to be that he lives in the shoes of the consumer and each of the dozens of KMA’ers he’s trained has heard him preach, “it’s not about you.”

Jack Kerigan

His recent reads include Story Brands and Don’t Make Me Think. A favorite marketing movie is MONEYBALL. Why? “It’s because the guy is willing to challenge conventions and dedicated to see a strategy through…and it worked!” Jack enjoys helping small businesses that want to grow to the next level.

“My favorite story was the female charter captain that came to me when just starting out. It was clear that a professional logo, rack card, website and vehicle graphics was a big investment for her and a bit scary. But, she believed in herself, and I believed in her commitment.” She said, “I’m a single mom and this has to work.” Jack says, “Those are the kind of people that are really gratifying to work with. I’ll never forget the day she came back into the office, about 6 months later and said, ‘I’ve now paid for my marketing, I’m in the black!” I watched her business grow to beat out the boys, and she became the busiest charter captain in town, with her truck at the ramp when competitors were home without a trip. It was because she’d carved out a unique point of difference, invested in marketing to grow her image and stuck to her strategy.”

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