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Why is 2021 the Year of QR Codes?

Published on March 30, 2021 by KMA

Remember when QR codes were promised as the next big thing? That was about 10 years ago, and it’s taken a while, but the Covid-19 pandemic has propelled the contactless technology to the forefront. Restaurant menus have been replaced by phoned-scanned QR codes and the technology is making its way to billboards and retail displays as a source of product information.

We recently designed wall posters for a medical practice so patients can easily access information, including social media news and videos about procedures, while they wait in exam rooms.

QR Code design examples

QR Code Poster patients can scan while they wait in exam rooms


Another use has been generating Google reviews where customers are asked to scan a QR code to leave a Google review about their service. The same is also being done for Facebook reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions about QR Codes Include:

1. What percentage of people use QR Codes?

As of March 2021, data estimates that about 60-65% of people use QR Codes on a daily basis for payment services, marketing purposes and other industry verticals.

2. Are QR Codes dead?

No. They are on the rise, especially since most smartphones enabled the QR Code scanner into their cameras for easy usage.

3. How can I track a QR Code?

Most QR Code generators feature a dashboard that allows you to track a QR Code’s usage including time, location and device of scan. While many are available, at KMA we use this QR Code Generator which automatically creates a QR code from the link you want to use. The QR Code Generator dashboard allows you to integrate the QR Code with Google Analytics for a comprehensive picture of consumer behavior.

4. How long will QR Codes last?

QR codes are not temporary and will last as long as the website, social media page, or whatever it is linked up to, is functional.

5. How can I create a unique QR Code?

We are happy to help. Just contact [email protected], where we’ll listen to your needs then effectively work it into your design. If you’re looking for DIY, we suggest this free tool.

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