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ADA Compliance: New Beachy Beach Real Estate Website

Published on January 5, 2021 by KMA

Beachy Beach Real Estate’s new website proves ADA compliance can be beautiful through intentional design while also serving as a fast-loading, user-friendly sales engine!

For bustling real estate companies like Beachy Beach, ensuring that your website can serve as a resource and sales tool for prospective buyers and sellers is paramount. And, it’s increasingly important that it serve all customers per the new 2021 ADA accessibility standards.

In designing and programming the new Beachy Beach website, we didn’t have to compromise design or functionality to provide ADA accessibility. In fact, Beachy Beach features a number of highly beneficial modules that set them apart.

An MLS search with advanced filtering criteria, a map search allowing prospective clients to zoom in on specific areas of the Gulf Coast, a Hot Communities section highlighting different neighborhoods, and a Beachy Bucket gives users the chance to save homes that catch their eye.

These modules constantly refresh and update with newly listed properties, coming directly from the local MLS system. A website with such a level of automation ensures low-maintenance and reliably serves as a real estate tool, even when you’re out of office.

Creating a site that’s ADA accessible does not have to limit what your website can do. Rather, it opens up the possibilities for who you can reach and the potential you have in your business. Making intentional choices in design and programming, per ADA accessibility guidelines, is not just the right thing to do. It’s good business.

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