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What is a Creative Brief?

Published on January 19, 2021 by KMA

When you begin a project with KMA, we’ll ask you to fill out a Creative Brief. It’s kind of like going on a first date — because we want to get to know you, we ask a lot of questions. We’re excited. And no one knows you better than you do.

So what is it? Like the name says, it’s short. Just one page to be exact. Seven (7) important questions that are targeted to help formulate a project’s concept, strategy and means of execution.

arrows hitting a target

How a Creative Brief helps:

Your input helps us narrow in on the purpose of a project and who it should be marketed to so we can help you reach (and exceed) your goals. It gives us a good foundation to get going and to develop strategy. It assists in planning, helps tailor communication and aids in design. But if the questions go unanswered, it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark. We won’t hit the bullseye and we might do some damage.

What if you don’t know all the answers?

That’s ok. Just answer what you can to the best of your knowledge and when we meet to start the project, we’ll figure out the rest of it together. Use our guide below to help get you started:

Why are we communicating?

This one is easy. Simply let us know what your goal is. Maybe you need a new website. Perhaps you want to increase your leads and are looking for a digital ad campaign. Or, maybe you want to grow awareness of your product and you are thinking about how social media might help.


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Whom are we talking to?

Another easy question, but the correct answer is very rarely “everyone.” Dig a little deeper. Try to give use specifics on the demographic you’re trying to reach: age, geography, income level, individuals, lifestyles, etc. Here are a couple of good examples:

What do the people above think about us?

There are a broad range of answers to this question. If you are a brand new company the answer might be, “nothing, they’ve probably never heard of us.” If that’s the case, do you, the business owner, have a reputation you can capitalize on? If you’ve been established for awhile, what do you think your image is right now? You probably have some ideas on what people think about you. Like, if they were in a focus group, would they say you’re too stuffy…expensive…hard to work with? Or, maybe you are known for being easy to work with…offer the best deals…have the best fried chicken in town.

bucket of fried chicken

What would we like them to think?

A client’s answer to this question often reads like a laundry list. Maybe you want them to know you’re the best…the fastest…experienced and affordable. That’s noble but be as succinct as you can―like if you could hardwire your message into their little head, what would it be? Convenient…High-value…Innovative and easy to work with? Maybe you want your audience to know that not only do you have the best fried chicken in town, you also have the best burgers, and both are on sale during lunch hours, Monday-Thursday.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?

This can be the hardest. If they can only remember ONE THING about you what do you want that to be? Look at your answer to #4 and pick what’s most important.

Why should they believe it?

How do you back up your previous claim (years of experience, designations, rankings, etc)? The proof is in the pudding, right? Do you have customer reviews that prove your point?



I can sell your home faster and for more money than any other realtor in town


Ranked the top producing realtor in Mexico Beach with over $50,000,000 sales in 2020.


We are the best rural community college in Alabama and everyone is welcome.


Ranked the #1 Community College of its size and offering over $500k in scholarships every year.


We offer the best boating experience. Your whole family will have fun!


Awarded 2020 Traveler’s Choice Panama City Beach on TripAdvisor with customer reviews.

Any creative guidelines you can share?

Remember how we talked about first dates earlier? This is how we figure out what outfit you’ll look and feel your best in, because first impressions DO matter. Describe how you want to look. Do you love teal? Do you hate orange? Have you seen one-too-many cheesy stock photos (haven’t we all) and only want to use custom photography? If you have a Brand Standards Guide, let us know. Don’t know what a brand standards guide is? That’s ok. Tell us what your favorite colors are, and the tone you want your brand to convey (i.e. serious, fun, smart, professional).

That wasn’t so bad, was it?
Ready to grow your business to the next level? Let’s do it together!

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