Reach Only the Prospects You Want and Don’t Pay For Those You Don’t

February 3, 2020

Geofence marketing allows advertisers to precisely choose the exact location where their ads will show. When you use geofence, it uses different types of targeting to identify geo-location such as street addresses, boundaries we draw using GPS coordinates, as well as IP targeting.

As a prospect enters the geofenced area, an ad is served in an app on their mobile device such as a smart phone. For example, a local bank builds a virtual boundary around an affluent residential neighborhood, close to its nearby branch office, then targets homeowners for their mortgage refinancing promotion. They are then able to track prospects that saw the ad and clicked into the website to learn more, or even drove to the bank!

Other success stories we’ve had using geofencing include targeting high-school campuses to increase Dual-Enrollment for nearby community colleges, or targeting trade shows as an alternative to standing on your feet in a booth all day in person. To learn more about adding Geofencing to your marketing mix, contact Dana Kerigan.

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