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Former KMA programmer turned client: Working with

Published on October 1, 2020 by KMA

“When it came time to make a logo for my business, my first choice was KMA. Having worked there, I know first-hand the amount of time and creative energy that they put into all of their projects. I had complete faith in them to bring my vision to life and they certainly did not disappoint. I hope to continue my relationship with KMA in the future and would encourage anyone who cares about their business to do the same.” -Daron Adkins

We love to work with friends and on projects we believe in. Daron Adkins, a former Kerigan programmer, recently became a client when he reached out about taking his business a step further.

Daron built a software program called, which provides a place for private tutors and instructors to engage with individuals. Whether it be a guitar lesson or explaining a math equation, is a place where people go to learn a skill or a trade via private instruction.

We designed the logo that will carry the program to many users and across many different subject areas. We worked with Daron to capture the desired look, feel, and first impression would carry. Simple, sturdy, sleek, clean, modern. These ideas were top of mind when designing the logo. Understanding the client’s vision and making it reality is always the biggest focus for us.

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