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A College Rivalry for Dana

Published on September 3, 2020 by KMA

In an office filled with garnet and gold, Dana donning orange and blue is hard to miss.

Dana, who oversees all media strategy and negotiations for clients of Kerigan Marketing Associates, is off to graduate school at the place she once cheered passionately against: The University of Florida.

“Never would I have thought I’d be a Gator but I’m excited for what’s ahead,” she said. “Academically, the proudest moment of my life was stepping off the stage at my Florida State graduation. My second proudest moment was getting accepted into the No. 1 Digital Strategy master’s program.”

Dana has specialized in delivering clients’ advertisements to the masses, whether it’s via Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, online radio platforms, TV — just about anywhere you would see a brand spot. But, she always felt the next step to propel her knowledge base would require enrolling in graduate school.

Already, what Dana is learning via Zoom classrooms is being implemented at Kerigan Marketing Associates.

“Just in the first week of classes, there has been such an emphasis that marketing services and products don’t mean anything without achieving the end result for the client,” she said. “It is always client results first.” The program is designed to challenge students to develop effective messaging to drive increased conversions and create loyal customers.

This is a philosophy that has been in place at KMA since the beginning, but Dana is looking to apply what she learns in a more effective way.

“We understand why we offer digital marketing services but I’m ready to learn how I can get even better results for our clients,” she said.

Her classmates look a bit different than her first go-around in college. Some aren’t much older than her son (a Florida State student himself, might we add). But, they all seek to capitalize on the growing world of digital marketing. Her approach to school is different this time.

“The incentive is much different for me as a graduate student,” she said. “I have a much deeper realization that what I learn will give our clients a better end result and help my business be more successful.”

Rest assured Seminole fans, she promises to always root for FSU first.

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