Above-Normal 2022 Hurricane Season Released by NOAA: Free download to prepare your business

July 7, 2022

This article was initially published on Jun. 17, 2021, and was updated on July 6, 2022.  The original post can be viewed at: https://keriganmarketing.com/preparing-your-business-for-hurricane-season-2021/

What can we expect this hurricane season?

According to a forecast by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the 2022 season is predicted to be above-normal, with a range of 14 to 21 named storms, of which 6 – 10 could become hurricanes, including 3 to 6 major hurricanes.

Business Continuity Plan: Free Download

Businesses should consider these key factors:

  1. Safeguard your staff and structure thru a preparedness plan.
  2. Protect and preserve your data both physical and digital.
  3. Formulate a plan for business continuity for operations after a storm. A good plan may include arrangements to relocate to a previously identified site, recover information, and a method for working effectively with a more modest staff of critical individuals.

“Early preparation and understanding your risk is key to being hurricane resilient and climate-ready,” said Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo. “Throughout the hurricane season, NOAA experts will work around the clock to provide early and accurate forecasts and warnings that communities in the path of storms can depend on to stay informed.” 


Hurricane Season Started June 1st So Get Ready Now!

Hurricane season is already underway but there’s still time if you haven’t completed a Business Continuity Plan. As a gulf coast business with clients from Florida to Louisiana, we know firsthand how devastating a major storm can be. In 2018, Hurricane Michael destroyed many of our employees’ homes and sent 6 feet of water into our office. Having a robust business continuity plan was key to our fast recovery from the storm. Our team could resume operations while fully remote, ensuring all our clients’ marketing efforts were accounted for. This plan worked well for us and we are sharing it for others to use.

Business Continuity Plan: Free Download

In the wake of a storm, our usual forms of communication are often severed: phone lines are down, power is out, and even the roadways to your business could be impassible. How will you communicate with your customers when they need you? Social media is great for relaying messages quickly to your entire customer base, but if you don’t have an online audience, they likely won’t know to reach you there. It’s essential to have an established digital presence, so customers know you’re accessible online.

Panama City, FL

Zero Website Downtime

At KMA, our Business Continuity Plan allowed us to continue to serve our clients while balancing repairs to our homes and office. Our team felt confident and prepared because of the careful steps we took in advance of the storm. We were proud that our clients and over 100 websites we host experienced zero downtime because our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are located safely in the cloud with backup servers in secure, inland locations.

The Importance of Private Servers & Hosting

You might think your website lives in an invisible network, where it’s protected from physical damage, but this is not the case. Websites live inside a computer, but not the one on your office desk. Our clients’ sites are hosted at data centers nationwide out of the path of coastal storms. Our web team always has a direct eye on our sites and our in-office monitor alerts us to any issue in real-time. Bryan Baird, our Senior Web Developer, even receives alerts to his Apple watch 24/7, so your website is continuously being monitored.

KMA Live Website Monitoring Center in Bryan’s office

Developing Your Business Continuity Plan

Your business is interconnected with so many aspects of your local community. Think about how many people rely on your goods and services every day. When you can continue operations after a disaster, you also improve your community’s ability to recover. Having a Business Continuity Plan is key to increasing the safety of your employees and customers but also helps you to remain in business after tropical storms and hurricanes.

Preparing your business for a crisis begins well before boarding up windows and filling sandbags. Many vulnerable aspects of your business may not even cross your mind until it’s too late. Download our plan now and make it your own to protect your business.

Business Continuity Plan: Free Download

Our team is here to help! Contact us here or reach out at [email protected].

Toni Hernandez: KMA Intern to New Hire

March 3, 2021

The KMA team is growing! However, our most recent hire isn’t new to us. Toni Hernandez originally joined us as a Web Development Intern in February 2020 and, one year later, has been brought on board full-time as Jr. Web Developer.

Specializing in front-end development, Toni joins a team of 2 other web developers (hi, Bryan and Emma) who work together in bringing our clients website dreams to fruition. Formatting website content, knowing how to navigate a variety of CMS systems, and staying current with all things digital trends, Toni is a key player in website design and development.

As a US Army veteran, with a background in Cyber Security and a degree in Digital Media Web Development, Toni is an asset to our team. Graduating in 2020 from Gulf Coast State College, she was involved in a number of projects including the Friends of Bay County Libraries website and Omni Review website.

Looking forward, Toni is excited to learn more about “Full Stack” programming, which is knowing both the front and back-end of coding as well as taking on any and all projects clients come to us with. “I firmly believe that in order for a business to be successful, their online presence must grow, and I want to help make that happen.”

3 Massive Ways To (Finally) Do Things Correctly With Google My Business

March 2, 2021

One critical mistake businesses make is not utilizing their Google My Business listing. This listing is crucial to customers finding your business online. 3 out of 4 smartphone owners use Google as their first resource in finding products and services near them. And, Google My Business signals are the most important for ensuring your business shows up first to your customer in local search. 

Why is Google My Business Important? 

When someone searches for a business or a place near their location, they’ll find local results across Google, in places like Maps and Search. For example, you can probably find local results if you search for “car wash near me” from your mobile device.  A huge amount of searches every day are searches for businesses in your area; in fact, 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information.

If you want to attract customers, it is key for your business to show up on the Google search results. 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call a store within a day! Your Google My Business listing helps to optimize your rank on Google Search. The more robust your profile, the more often Google is going to show your listing to potential customers.

why is google mybusiness important for your business?
Why optimize your Google My Business Listing?

Isn’t my business automatically on Google if I have a website?

No, it isn’t, and it’s a common mistake to think that Google automatically creates a Google My Business for you just because you have a website. Much like other social media networks, like Facebook or Instagram, you have to actually create an account for your business for your listing to exist.

Not sure if you have one or not? Do a quick search for your business type with the words “near me.” For us that would be “marketing agency near me.” If your business doesn’t appear here in the Google panel, you might as well be invisible. Or worse, it’s your competition showing up. 

KMA’s Google Knowledge Panel

3 Common Google My Business Mistakes and How to Fix Them: 

Mistake #1: Assuming you already appear on Google 

Odds are you aren’t Googling yourself too often. You might even think that Google automatically creates these listings and you don’t have much control. WRONG! You have to take active steps to make sure your business appears on Google. We’ll let you in on some Google My Business secrets, but first, you’ll need to see if your Google listing even exists.

So how can you know? Do a Google Search for your business. Do you see a side panel with your business information? If not, you don’t yet have a Google My Business page, and you’ll need to create one. Go to google.com/business to start creating your listing. 

Mistake #2: You’re letting old or outdated information drive away customers

We often see businesses who set up their Google My Business page 3-5 years ago and then never made an update. Maybe even a past owner set it up and you don’t even have access. Your customers might see outdated business hours and decide not to visit your store because Google says you’re closed today. 

If you’ve discovered that you do have a Google My Business page in the previous step, you’ll need to claim and start updating your listing. Don’t waste any time starting this process, especially if your business address or phone number is wrong on Google.

Once you’ve located your Google My Business panel, click the “Own this business?” button and follow the prompts on the screen.  If your listing has already been claimed and you don’t recognize the email address listed, you may need to connect with a past owner to get access. 

Once you’ve gained access, start updating your information. Check addresses, phone numbers, website links, hours of operation, and your products. 

Mistake #3: You follow the set it and forget it mindset

It’s not enough to just update your information and then forget about your Google My Business listing. If you want your business to appear #1 on Google search, you’re going to have to use the platform like you do your other social media profiles.

Google My Business is so much more than just a digital Rolodex of phone numbers and addresses. It’s a great place to improve your Search Engine Optimization Score! Try to post a new photo and update using keywords about your business once a week! Google will index these posts and you’ll show up more often on Google! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to see a list of Google My Business post best practices coming out soon!

We know it can be overwhelming to stay on top of all the places your brand may or may not show up online. Luckily, this is our wheelhouse! If you need help getting started, or just want this taken off your hands through our Google My Business Optimization service, reach out to our team at kerigan.com/contact or email [email protected]

Jack Kerigan Celebrates 20 Years

February 1, 2021

This month we celebrate the man behind the brand. Jack founded KMA, in January 2001, and for two decades has led the marketing and sales growth for our company and hundreds of clients. Prior to that, he served in the marketing departments of RJR Tobacco and Community Coffee.

Jack has always had a fascination with consumer behavior and has developed a unique understanding of why people buy. “Big brand experience showed me that consumers make decisions with their heart—but rationalize them with their head.” He considers his unique talent to be that he lives in the shoes of the consumer and each of the dozens of KMA’ers he’s trained has heard him preach, “it’s not about you.”

His recent reads include Story Brands and Don’t Make Me Think. A favorite marketing movie is MONEYBALL. Why? “It’s because the guy is willing to challenge conventions and dedicated to see a strategy through…and it worked!” Jack enjoys helping small businesses that want to grow to the next level.

 “My favorite story was the female charter captain that came to me when just starting out. It was clear that a professional logo, rack card, website and vehicle graphics was a big investment for her and a bit scary. But, she believed in herself, and I believed in her commitment.” She said, “I’m a single mom and this has to work.” Jack says, “Those are the kind of people that are really gratifying to work with. I’ll never forget the day she came back into the office, about 6 months later and said, ‘I’ve now paid for my marketing, I’m in the black!” I watched her business grow to beat out the boys, and she became the busiest charter captain in town, with her truck at the ramp when competitors were home without a trip. It was because she’d carved out a unique point of difference, invested in marketing to grow her image and stuck to her strategy.”

ADA Compliance: New Beachy Beach Real Estate Website

January 5, 2021

Beachy Beach Real Estate’s new website proves ADA compliance can be beautiful through intentional design while also serving as a fast-loading, user-friendly sales engine!

For bustling real estate companies like Beachy Beach, ensuring that your website can serve as a resource and sales tool for prospective buyers and sellers is paramount. And, it’s increasingly important that it serve all customers per the new 2021 ADA accessibility standards.

In designing and programming the new Beachy Beach website, we didn’t have to compromise design or functionality to provide ADA accessibility. In fact, Beachy Beach features a number of highly beneficial modules that set them apart.

An MLS search with advanced filtering criteria, a map search allowing prospective clients to zoom in on specific areas of the Gulf Coast, a Hot Communities section highlighting different neighborhoods, and a Beachy Bucket gives users the chance to save homes that catch their eye.

These modules constantly refresh and update with newly listed properties, coming directly from the local MLS system. A website with such a level of automation ensures low-maintenance and reliably serves as a real estate tool, even when you’re out of office.

Creating a site that’s ADA accessible does not have to limit what your website can do. Rather, it opens up the possibilities for who you can reach and the potential you have in your business. Making intentional choices in design and programming, per ADA accessibility guidelines, is not just the right thing to do. It’s good business.

KMA Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

January 5, 2021










and readier than ever to crush whatever branding and marketing challenges the new year brings. Thank you for 20 amazing years and bring on 2021!

Bryan Baird 11 Year Anniversary at KMA

January 5, 2021

Bryan has become one of the area’s best known developers with over 12 years of website-building experience―11 of those at KMA!

Bryan officially joined our team on December 28, 2009, after earning a Marketing Degree from the University of South Florida, then served as Marketing Assistant for Quadrant Software in Tampa. Born in Dallas, TX, Bryan’s family relocated to St. George Island, FL where he was an avid sailor and Eagle Scout. Fun fact: Bryan’s dad, Thom Baird, is a talented photographer, now retired, that Jack worked with years ago on many projects ranging from Florida Tourism to the US Air Force.

Bryan has built hundreds of websites using content management systems ranging from WordPress to Squarespace. His talent for front-end design, combined with an interest in helping clients use their content management systems, has earned praise from dozens of clients. Whether it’s generating real estate leads, scheduling patient appointments, serving students, or online sales, Bryan listens to our client’s needs and creates web-based solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Outside the office, Bryan enjoys tinkering with bleeding edge frameworks, building computers, and playing bass in his praise band at church. He’s also really handy and is usually in the middle of a home construction project.

Kerigan Marketing Associates Receives New Review on Clutch Profile

December 16, 2020

As a diverse group of professionals, KMA is ready to grow to the next level and help our clients do the same. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve developed marketing expertise in healthcare, education, tourism, financial services, and more. Built on Christian principles, we provide a full range of marketing services under one roof. From branding to Google pay-per-click to web design, we offer an extensive line of marketing services.

Providing our clients with the best services possible is one of our top priorities. That’s why we created a profile on Clutch, a B2B market research company that connects service providers and buyers through data and verified research. Central to their process is client reviews. Clutch analysts have spoken directly with many of our clients and learned more about the services we provided, technological capabilities, results, and business acumen.

We’re proud to share that we just received a new, 5-star review on our profile. We partnered with a local Mexico Beach, Florida restaurant to build their website, develop social media marketing and branding campaigns.

“Thanks to Kerigan Marketing Associates, we have better Facebook numbers than any of the surrounding restaurants. And their project management couldn’t be better. I appreciate their responsiveness and creativity. They really know their customers; you can throw an idea out to them, and they’ll give you some great marketing options.” –Managing Partner, The View on Old 98

In Panama City, Florida, we are working with Girls Inc., a Bay County non-profit, on the re-branding of two large fundraising events, crafting branding materials, marketing graphics, messages, and videos for the client.

“Their creativity is fabulous. Communication is timely and on point. Very professional and take the time to listen and really learn about what the customer wants to achieve. –Executive Director, Girls Inc. Bay County

In Alabama, we’ve been working with Enterprise State Community College on everything from SEO to traditional marketing on billboards, newspaper ads, and radio commercials. In their digital marketing efforts, we focus on helping target keywords to drive traffic to the website.

“The easiest indicator of our success with Kerigan Marketing Associates is that you can look at our Google Analytics and see that they’ve increased our web traffic by ten times since we started working with them. As far as SERPs go, we didn’t even have keywords selected, and now we’re ranking highly on a significant number of the 4,000 total keywords that drive traffic to our website.” –PR & Marketing Director, Enterprise State Community College

YouTube is the second-most popular engine on the planet, making it highly beneficial for your business to have a presence on it. A specialized YouTube ad agency can incorporate solid ad placement and sponsorships on the platform that will allow your services to reach new markets. Clutch’s affiliate site, The Manifest, improves company visibility by enabling users to read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to help find the best fit for the business’s needs.

If you’re looking to collaborate or simply find more information, head over to our contact page and fill out our form. We look forward to hearing from you and your team.

Kerigan Marketing Associates Inc. is a Clutch Top B2B Company in Florida

October 21, 2020

Experience is paramount in developing a business. A deeper dive, however, might reveal that experience needs to come from different places. Diverse experiences produce diverse thoughts, which impacts the way a business functions.

Here at KMA, our diverse experiences come from employees with various career backgrounds, big brand experience, and our clients, which all have different goals and objectives. Our team is stronger because we all bring unique knowledge, skills, and perspectives to the table. Our clients continually push us to become more knowledgeable about their industries and to develop strategies to produce maximum results. Continuously growing and learning allows us to be resourceful and provide for an ever-evolving client base.

Because of our team and our clients, we recently received an award which speaks to the experience we have gained over the years – a Clutch award.

2020 Clutch Award to Kerigan Marketing Associates

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that specifically caters to the B2B market. They use a unique ranking formula that determines the top performers in every industry, per region. This is the reason why Clutch’s rankings hold immense weight among business service providers. It is a vote of confidence that says we were compared against our peers and were distinguished amongst them.

Recognizing the massive impact a Clutch award can have, our agency principal, Dana, had this to say:

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading web developers in the Florida Panhandle by Clutch!” – Dana Kerigan, Agency Principal of Kerigan Marketing Associates, Inc.

Our clients are the biggest reason why we got this award. If it were not for them, and their trust in us to deliver a great product, we wouldn’t be in this position! We appreciate the time and effort they take to write a review, just like this one:

KMA is a full-service marketing and advertising agency. We specialize in Digital, Strategy, Branding, and Design. We help clients grow their businesses from the Florida Panhandle to around the globe. We want to help you do the same. If that sounds like a good time, send us a message today.

Website Growth: Annual visitor increases and what that means for your business

October 13, 2020

This article was originally published on Aug. 16, 2018, and was updated on Oct. 13, 2020. 
The original post can be viewed at: https://keriganmarketing.com/website-growth-annual-visitor-increases-by-category-and-what-that-means-for-your-business/.

Understanding how your business is performing in the digital realm can sometimes be overwhelming.

As managers, we are responsible for staying on top of what can feel like endless tracking tools. And if we ignore important customer trends, we run the risk of losing prospects.

Monitoring your website’s traffic with Google Analytics can be difficult and time consuming. Understanding follower engagement across social media platforms is not any easier.

Business owners are tasked with staying current with the most relevant and effective digital trends to keep their companies competitive and profitable. With the emergence of so many social media options, many business owners are left wondering how important websites are for searching consumers.

We recently completed a one-year study of traffic growth for websites by industry so you can determine if yours is keeping pace. 

Do you still need a website with social media platforms?

Having a social media presence is essential today, but it is not a substitute for a user-friendly, optimized website. Social media spreads awareness and generates interest in your business, creating top of the funnel leads. Converting interested, prospective individuals into buyers is dependent on providing the substantial information they are looking for. Websites serve as the foundation of your company’s digital presence and provides a place for prospects to take the next step.

Why first impressions are make-or-break

Seventy-five percent of consumers make judgments on a company’s credibility based on its website. A company’s digital presence serves as a window into the way a company operates and is often the deciding factor between sealing the deal and losing one.

The impression a customer receives of your website is so critical that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site that has problems.

At KMA, we’ve built hundreds of websites since 2001 and report traffic growth to our clients monthly. Here are the results of our study of traffic growth for area websites we host and maintain.  

Should your website traffic be growing and how much?

Industry CategoryWebsite Growth Rate:
June 2019 – May 2020
vs. June 2017 – May 2018
Business Services12%
Government & Municipal7%
Insurance Agencies21%
Real Estate Agencies24%
Shopping & Dining11%
Overall KMA Website Traffic Growth Rate41%

*Due to the devastating effect of Hurricane Michael on Florida Panhandle businesses in October 2018, 2018 has been removed from the data set.

Websites and Social Media: Better Together

The choice between having a website or social media should not be an either/or proposition. They operate most effectively when used together. Your engagement and activity on social media generates interest in your company, then referring clients to your website to augment your business.

Your web presence and reach depend upon using a website and social media as part of a robust, sustainable marketing strategy to generate awareness, solidify brand trust, and drive sales. 

Want to know how many people are visiting your website?

As we build websites, we always install Google Analytics to start collecting data, which ultimately improves our campaigns. And as a Google agency partner, we’ve gotten pretty good at doing it. If you’re interested in getting Google Analytics on your website, we’ll be happy to help.  

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

April 29, 2020

We’re doing our part to help you look your best on Zoom video calls. We’ve designed these fancy virtual backgrounds to disguise your location or hide your unmade bed. Sorry, we can’t do hair and wardrobe. Click here for easy installation instructions.

Static Images

Click on the image to download.

Zoom leaves background image for Kerigan Marketing Associates
Zoom sea gull background image for Kerigan Marketing Associates

Zoom background image for Kerigan Marketing Associates
Zoom background image for Kerigan Marketing Associates

Zoom background image for ESCC.
Zoom background image for ESCC.
Zoom office background image for Kerigan Marketing Associates

Zoom bridge background image for Kerigan Marketing Associates
Zoom beach rover background image for Panama City Toyota.
Zoom SUV in the trees background image for Panama City Toyota.
Zoom beach SUV background image for Panama City Toyota.
Zoom beach rover background image for Panama City Toyota.
Zoom beach donuts background image for Panama City Toyota.
Zoom logo background image for the Spine Center..
Zoom xray background image for the Spine Center..
Zoom building background image for the Spine Center..
Zoom FSU Promise background image for Florida State University Panama City...
Zoom Holley Center background image for Florida State University Panama City...
Zoom background image for Beachy Beacg Real Estate.

2020 ADDYS Best in Show

April 1, 2020

We believe that now, more than ever, it’s important to take the time to share some good news about the work our clients and staff are doing.

Gold ADDY’s were received for Gulf County Tourism Visitor Guide (Best in Show), The Eye Center of North Florida PanOptix Cataract Lens campaign (Judges Choice Award), and Jackson County Tourism for the TDC website.

2019 Visitor Guide

Gulf County Tourist Development Council

PanOptix Cataract Lens Campaign

The Eye Center of North Florida

Jackson County Florida Tourism website on multiple media devices

Destination Website

Jackson County Tourist Development Council
visit website

Silver ADDY’s were earned in two categories for Enterprise State Community College including their “Mechatronics” program Google Display ads and vehicle graphics for the Commercial Driver’s License program. Gulf Coast State College Foundation website received a Silver ADDY, and design for lobby window graphics at The Eye Center was awarded a Silver ADDY.

“Mechatronics” Google Display Campaign

Enterprise State Community College

Commercial Driver’s License Vehicle Wrap

Enterprise State Community College

Foundation Website

Gulf Coast State College Foundation
visit website

Lobby Window Graphics

The Eye Center of North Florida

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